Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant

The FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the latest and widely used hairs transplant methods and provides natural results. The technique has recently been improved one step further by using blades made from Sapphire. FUE performed using sapphire blades is not an entirely new procedure, but it's an improvement to a reliable existing process. At the Hair Clinic Istanbul, patients can benefit from this technique by using gentle sedation.

Sapphire FUE in comparison to Classic FUE

Difference between Sapphire FUE and Classic FUE in opening microchannels

Sapphire FUE transplants are done using blades made of the precious stone called Sapphire in place of steel blades commonly used in FUE transplants. Sapphire blades are particularly effective in creating incisions at the site of transplantation. They are made to reduce the formation of scabs and speed up the recovery process by opening small microchannels inside the recipient site for hair transplantation.

In FUE that is performed using blades made of Sapphire, once the patient has been given the local anesthesia will be removed one by one from the donor site using micromotors and micro punches with 0,6 - 0,7 - millimeters.

Through the FUE procedure, the extracted follicles are transplanted into the incisions made. These channels have an enormous influence on the density, angle, and direction of growing hair and are the main elements that create a natural appearance following a hair transplant. Thus, clearing the channels can be believed to be the primary procedure to ensure a successful transplant.

The application of sapphire blades is the most efficient method to open microchannels. Small incisions that are the same size as the follicles are made with smooth, sharp, and long-lasting sapphire blades that vary in 1,0-1,3 between 1,5 and 1,0 millimeters. In the process, more channels can be opened, which allows the follicles to be moved closer to one another.

The benefits of FUE conducted using Sapphire blades compared to steel blades.

The chance of complications like injury to the scalp or damage to the tissue is reduced due to the sharpness of the sapphire blade strength, durability, and antimicrobial capabilities.

Blades made of Sapphire permit a higher density, making it possible for people who have experienced hair loss to go through a complete hair loss transformation. They also provide more natural results for every patient.

The process of tissue recovery is quicker when compared to procedures where steel blades are used.

In the event of opening the channels in the same length as hair follicles, it's impossible for the hair hair follicles to dislodge and for their alignment to change following the transplantation process.