DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Direct Hair Implantation is the most sophisticated and ingenious hair restoration procedure carried out using the Choi implanter pen to treat hair loss for both genders without pain and in a very short duration. DHI method is based on the premise of graft extraction or transplantation method, where hair follicles are extracted from a donor region and then implanted into the recipient region where hair loss is felt.

DHI technique is considered an innovation in hair transplantation procedures that can produce more natural-looking results. Using the Choi pen allows to place hair more tightly and with minimal impact on the skin's integrity and to perform hair transplants without cutting the head completely. At Hair Clinic Istanbul, our doctors will make sure you are fully aware of the DHI procedure evaluate your options to receive the most efficient hair transplant available within Turkey. Make FUE and DHI comparisons to guide you in your decision-making process undergoing your hair transplant.

Looking into hair Transplant Techniques: What exactly is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)? What exactly is it?

Hair transplantation using the DHI technique refers to the most minimally invasive treatment for hair restoration that is used to restore hair or increase hair volume with the help of a dermatologist and at minimum three hair transplant technicians. When performing the DHI process for hair transplantation, hair follicles located in the donor region are transferred (i.e., hair-bearing tissues are removed surgically) and then directly implanted at the recipient's location with the aid of an Implanter Pen Choiwithout the need for delay.

DHI Hair Transplantation comprises two phases, which are hair follicle extraction as well as graft implant.

The first stage, which is harvesting hairs from donors at an area in the body with a large hair follicular count, follows similar principles to the Follicle Hair extraction method. Hair transplants using the DHI Choi pen are often categorized as an under-class of FUE methods, like Sapphire FUE and Micro FUE.

But, DHI technology for hair transplant is a breakthrough in hair transplantation by introducing the Choi implanter pen surgical instrument, which allows hair grafts to be implanted in precise angles without causing damage to the tissues surrounding them.

Faster and Better: What is Choi Implanter Pen? How Does it Improve Hair Transplant Procedure?

The Choi Implanter Pen (also known as DHI Pen) is a pen-like medical device with a spring-loaded mechanism and an 0.5 to 1.5-millimeter hollow needle located on the top of the DHI implanter. When it comes to the DHI transplant procedure in Turkey, hair grafts with three or more hair follicles can be inserted into this needle hollow, which is based on the size of the graft. This is why 5-6 Choi pens are used during DHI Hair restoration. It is important to note that in Turkey, DHI hair transplant procedures are performed by experts who have extensive knowledge of conducting the most effective DHI hair transplant.."

What is the reason why DHI Hair Transplant using Choi Pen is Beneficial?

If we compare, for instance, DHI hair transplant in comparison to FUE, one of the major benefits of DHI over traditional FUE appears as the absence of necessity for perforation. The skin within the recipient region. This helps reduce the bleeding and trauma while also ensuring an earlier DHI hair transplant healing period (around ten days as there is less scabbing disappears) in wound healing.

In traditional FUE, the grafts must be separated and stored in a particular solution. Hair transplant surgeons make channels (hair holes for transplantation) by cutting small holes. On the other hand, as you known that the amount of time hair-bearing tissue is outside of the body can affect the longevity of hair follicles.

To address this issue, In DHI Choi Pen hair transplants, when the grafts are taken from the donor site, the grafts are then immediately placed into the Choi implanter pen. Our Clinic using the Choi pen provides greater precision for hair transplant surgeons.

Following this, the pen's tip that bears grafts goes through the skin and implants hair follicles underneath the skin with no causing damage to the surrounding tissues. Reducing the amount of time hair follicles remain outside of the scalp, or another donor site increases the longevity of transplants and aids patients to achieve success with their hair transplants using DHI at Hair Clinic Istanbul

DHI Hair Transplant

The majority of adults, both men, and women of all ages can be suitable to undergo the DHI hair transplant procedure in Turkey. Based on the density of hair and the number of grafts required to cover hair, it is possible to determine whether you're a suitable patient for the DHI procedure to treat hair loss at Hair Clinic Istanbul.

It is important to emphasize that hair transplantation using DHI that does not involve shaving your head is feasible.

The need to trim their hair is often an issue for people with long hair planning to undergo hair transplant surgery. Through the hair transplant procedure, DHI female hair transplants / lengthy hair transplants will be carried out with only slicing a small area concealed or overshadowed by the rest of the hair on the patient.

DHI Hair Transplant Stages

The phases of a DHI hair transplant procedure can be summarized in two main parts: hair extraction of follicles (i.e., the process of obtaining hair follicles from donor areas) and hair transplantation (i.e., implanting the follicles extracted onto the scalp or into other areas like beards, eyebrows or even eyelashes).

Direct Hair Implantation Steps

Like FUE hair transplantation, the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure is done under local anesthesia. An anesthesiologist gives it. This will make sure a painless and smooth hair transplant with our patients. At Hair Clinic Istanbul, we provide mild sedation for our patients to offer maximum comfort.

Hair Follicle Extraction

The steps below are to be followed in the graft harvest phase during the graft harvest stage of the DHI hair transplant, the DHI eyebrow transplant, or the DHI body hair transplant at Hair Clinic Istanbul.

1 - The donor region (back of your head or beard, or the chest) that the person is shaved and the recipient's area needs no shaving.

2 - Hair is carefully selected that has the highest density ratio. This is done using an 0,7 mm, 0,8 mm, or 1,00 mm micromotor punching device or manual tool. (Note that the size of the tip of both tools differ in proportion to the size of hair follicles)

Hair Implantation

Since the hair implantation process via the DHI method doesn't necessitate any work to preserve the grafts or construct the recipient site by making incisions, the grafts can be directly implanted without delay.

1 - Hair follicles that have been grafted are delicately inserted into the needle tips hollow of various Choi implanter pens by skilled hair transplant specialists.

2 - The mechanism that springs the implanter pen is activated by pushing down on the plunger. This is why the sharp end of the Choi pen stuffed with hair follicles penetrates the skin, forming the graft beneath the skin at a 45° angle to the hair on the scalp.

Hair grafts are placed in the DHI pen and then implanted right away. The procedure is repeated for each hair transplant with care, and on average, the design for a DHI hair transplant takes between 6 and 8 hours to finish.

Cost of DHI Hair Transplant

Compared to the hair transplant price to other methods of hair transplantation, the DHI cost per graft might appear to be a bit higher because of the amount of labor and the expertise needed for a successful surgery. Although DHI hair transplant prices are substantially greater across both European countries and in the US at Hair Clinic Istanbul, we offer cheap and exceptionally quality DHI hair transplant procedures for patients from all over the world.